Deal with the Holy Death (Santa Muerte)

I work with Holy Death(Santa Muerte) to return to the beloved, humiliated, tied, tamed, bound, in love, kneeling, surrendered and subjected for life immediately; make him eat shit in his hands; I do not let you have peace either at night or day, eating or sleeping, I can dominate mind and body of the love of your life, forever and ever under your will and never again allow him to stay away from you; the person you love will ask for forgiveness and implore you crying on his knees at your feet asking you to let you him return to your side. I make pacts with death to be lucky, to have work, health, to open roads, to cure all kinds of illness.
I make pacts with the Holy Death to remove and exterminate enemies, junk and undesirable people, I make pacts with the Holy Death to remove and put hexes, to solve economic problems, debts etc. I make pacts with the death to protect you from enemies and dangerous people, to cure black magic, spiritual cleansing and talk to the dead, I perform rituals of black magic at cemeteries.